Running trails in Ausseerland

Running training and running events in Altaussee

Which running route do you fancy today? On the walking path around the picturesque Altaussee Lake or a bit towards the summit? No matter what you decide, one thing is for sure: You will not lack variety during your vacation at AlpenParks Hagan Lodge Altaussee.

Mann beim Wandern
Running adventure

Versatile running routes

Directly in front of the door of your lodge you start into the running adventure, which could not be more different. Numerous running routes in different landscapes are available around the AlpenParks Hagan Lodge Altaussee.

Running events and training

Not only hobby runners have found a perfect vacation spot in Altaussee. Ambitious runners will find a sporting challenge in the annual public run around Lake Altaussee as part of the Narcissus Festival. For those who want to take care of their physical fitness, the running clubs in nearby Altaussee are recommended. Here you run in a group and get tips from professionals.

A vacation just the way you like it - that's what AlpenParks Hagan Lodge in Altaussee has to offer. 62 vacation homes that offer the right mix of individual vacation and 4-star comfort will delight you.

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