Whitefish, pike, pike-perch, lake trout, perch and char

Fishing in the Zeller lake

The lake is known for its rich fish stocks. Allow yourself sufficient time for lakes, streams and rivers to practice your fishing hobby during your holiday in Austria.

The colourful fish in the waters of lake Zell causes fishermen to get excited. Besides the popular trout, on can also find the speckled trout, pike-perch, pike or whitefish. The lake is 4 km long and 1.5 km wide. Its area is 4.55 km2, enough space to fish at peace. Dead bait fish, wobblers, blinkers, the Hegene fish system with five hooks and rubber fish.

You have the license to fish in the lake with a daily or weekly fisher card. For permission to fish and the procurement of fisher cards in the waters of the surrounding area, please contact the team at the reception of the Parkhotel, your vacation home in Zell am See.

Angling and fishing
Information about regulations:

Sport fishing is allowed on the whole lake from 01 April to 30 November each year only in the period from 04.00 to 23.00 at the latest. Entitled to fish from the shore or from a boat, with two fishing rods or two trolling rods.

  • Permitted daily catch according to the valid fishing regulations of the Zeller See: 3 peace fish, 5 reinanken, 2 zander, 1 lake trout, 1 char
  • No limit for pike fishing
  • There is no limit on catfish, perch, bream, eel and roach during the fishing season.
Fischer am Zeller See
Fish at first and then enjoy

Looking at the fish stocks in the lake, it is not surprising to see that in the restaurants of Zell am See are experts in preparation of fish dishes. Embark on a culinary delight of fish and look forward to many specialties from the catch of the water.

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