Bathing and more at the lake Zell at SalzburgerLand

The holiday country Austria and particularly the holiday region of Salzburg are rich in water in many forms: glaciers, streams and rivers, lakes, ponds and lakes, numerous springs and waterfalls present element of your life for ever new way.

The water presents its beneficial side in the region of Zell am See-Kaprun. Swimming in the recreational centre of Zell am See is relaxing with every comfort. Even a visit to the beach bathrooms promises pure relaxation. Whether stand up paddeling, swimming or diving, the crystal-clear lake no longer exists just for cooling oneself down.

Ship ahoy
Ship trip on the lake Zell in Salzburg

Take a lake cruise - the shipping company of "Schmittenhöhe Bahn" offers a varied holiday with the stunning views of the lake that envelops the mountain scenery of the Austrian Alps. A joint cruise with friends or family is definitely a fun and special vacation experience. You can, of course, row by yourself and rent a boat.

Schiffahrt am Zeller See
Wild waters in Salzburg’s ravines

In the holiday region of Zell am See-Kaprun and in the entire Salzburg province you can expect many mystical, legendary gorges. Steep cliffs, narrow culverts, tunnels and deep ravines make their way through the gorge on an exciting adventure for the whole family. Roaring, foaming water crashing through the gorge, sets fine mist in small droplets. The sky is still only a narrow blue strip above. And then: The gorge widens, the view on a beautiful high waterfall is set free.

Solidified water: Glacier to touch

The glacier in the Austrian Alps peaks appear rigid, but they are constantly in motion, the ice "flows". Learn more about the world of alpine glaciers at the visitors’ centre on the Franz-Josef heights, for a breathtaking ride on the Grossglockner High Alp street. Put your hands on millennia-old glaciers and listen to the legend of the valley at the foot of the highest mountain in Austria.

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