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Winter Nordic Walking in Zell am See

Nordic Walking in winter is easy to learn and it trains your whole body in a special joint-friendly manner. The actual sport is popular among people of all ages and fitness levels.

You create the balance and walk with two sticks at a moderate pace through the valleys and mountains of the region of Zell am See-Kaprun. Nordic Walking increases the pulse rate and thus achieves an optimum fat burning.

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Nordic Walking between mountain peaks and the Zeller See

The Zell winter hiking trails are ideal for leisurely afternoon strolls along with the whole family. The winter Nordic walking, ranging from simple lake rounds for beginners to steep slopes on the Schmittenhöhe for professionals.

Gruppe beim Winterwandern in Zell am See

With the Sonnkogel and Areit cable cars you can reach the popular Schmittenhöhe in a particularly comfortable manner. A comfortable hiking trip from the Sonnkogel mountain station to Schmittenhöhe with the High Zell train is a particularly nice experience. Experienced hikers can continue to go with the Areit cable car III. Alternatively, you can also take the Areit cable cars I, II and III up to 1,900 m above sea level to have a view far beyond the peaks of the Alps. The summit can be reached after a mere hundred meters on the road along the snow boundary.

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