Snow-shoe-hiking at Salzburger Land

Away from the ski pistes you can discover a completely different side to Gastein Valley – hike on snow-shoes through the snow-covered mountainscape of Gastein. Only chamois or hares have been there before you, leaving behind their tracks in the freshly fallen snow. The forest exudes calm. You can hear the rhythm of your breathing and feel your heart beat. There, an eagle circles high above.

Experience the natural surroundings of the Austrian Alps in winter up-close and intensely. You won’t be taking any risks doing this, since the snow-shoe hiking trails only take you through terrain which is safe. Bad Hofgastein Tourist Association offers an impressive natural history winter hike on snow-shoes once a week. Maybe this will mean you get involved in a new sport which is in tune with nature!


Weekly guided snowshoe hikes:
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Gasteiner Thermen

Hiking on snow-shoes in the wintry Gastein mountainscape enables you to experience lots of sights which you haven’t seen yet but it also makes you very tired! At the end of your snow-shoe hike, relax and recover in one of the Gastein thermal springs and treat yourself to a beneficial massage. A wonderful evening meal in one of Gastein’s restaurants and inns is a lovely way to round off your day.

Tip: As an AlpenParks guest you get free admission to the Alpentherme.

Paar entspannt in der Sauna der Alpentherme Gastein
Snowshoeing: Tips for a safe and impressive winter adventure

Before you set off on your snowshoe adventure, some important aspects should be considered:

  • At the beginning, choosing the right equipment is of great importance. It is essential to use sturdy and well-fitting snowshoes with non-slip soles in order to make safe progress on the snow. It is also advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothing to protect yourself from the cold and wet.
  • The choice of route should also be made carefully. Decide on a route that suits your fitness level and experience. Find out in advance about the weather conditions and any avalanche danger that may exist in the region.
  • Safety is the highest priority. Never go snowshoeing alone and let someone know your planned route and estimated time of return. Also carry a map, GPS device and first aid supplies. Keep an eye on the weather conditions and turn back if the weather deteriorates.
  • Respect nature and wildlife. Stay on marked trails to preserve the environment and move quietly so as not to disturb animals.
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