Tips for the perfect sunset hike


Tips for the perfect sunset hike
Sunset in Dienten am Hochkönig, photo: Sabine Hechenberger

If you are looking for a very special experience, you should definitely go on a sunset hike. We have put together a few important tips to ensure that everything goes perfectly. At the end there is a tour tip for the Hochkönig region. We wish you lots of fun!

  • Tour planning
    For a sunset hike, you should opt for an easy and not too long tour. You must always bear in mind that you will have to descend in the dark and the path should not be too dangerous for this. It would be best to explore the tour in advance during the day.
  • Don't forget your headlamp
    As already mentioned, you make your way back down to the valley in the dark. Here it is important to have a good headlamp or flashlight with you. It is best if several people in the hiking group have lamps with them (in case the batteries run out or something similar).
  • Pick the exact time
    To avoid arriving at the summit too late, you should find out the exact time of sunset. Google is very helpful here 😉 It's best to always arrive at the summit around 30 minutes before sunset so you don't have to stress and can take a break to drink during the hike.
  • Observe the weather
    Of course, the weather should be very nice and stable at sunset. It's best to check the weather forecast shortly before the hike so that you don't get caught in a thunderstorm. If it is too unsafe, simply postpone the tour and go another time. Safety first!

  • Good equipment/clothing
    It is often underestimated: as soon as the sun goes down it gets very cold. You should always have a sweater or warm jacket with you. A hat and thin gloves are also recommended, especially in the fall. The wind often blows at the summit and it can be freezing cold!


Sunset on the Wastlhöhe in Dienten am Hochkönig

The starting point is the parking lot at the Dachegg/Zachhof lift valley station.

As a guest at AlpenParks Hotel & Apartment Hochkönig, you have the advantage of reaching the parking lot in 10 minutes by car. It also takes 17 minutes by car to reach the starting point from AlpenParks Hotel & Apartment Maria Alm.

Here you hike up the forest road to the right of the parking lot. Again and again you pass hiking signs. Simply follow the signs in the direction of "Zachhofalm". The hiking trail continues through the forest and across meadows. After a good 50-60 minutes, you have reached the Zachhofalm with its own herb garden. (Also great to reach by mountain bike or e-bike. There is also an e-charging station).

To get to the Wastlhöhe, walk past the mountain pasture and continue along a forest road. After a good 15 minutes you have reached the summit at 1,733m. Right next to the summit cross is a "Königstuhl" - ideal for taking a cool photo. The wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding mountains is particularly great.

You then return along the same route.

Walking time to the summit: approx. 1 hour 15 minutes
Altitude: 463 meters

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