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Alles, was Mountainbiker-Herzen höher schlagen lässt

In addition to extensive range of information and guidance, we also offer:

  • Mountain bike garage in the lodge, in the centre building or at the ground floor of the restaurant AlpenStub'n
  • Washing stations for bikers are located between the individual lodges
    A biking garage with tools, assembly stand, lubricant, cleaning agent, pump etc. can be found at the resort.
  • Every lodge has its own drying room for shoes and clothes
  • Jersey laundry service at the reception
  • Bicycle stand outside the main buildings
  • GPS rental and advice
  • Information, tour suggestions, maps at the reception
  • Repair service
  • Rent GPS devices with the best tours and for safely while reaching your destination
  • Customized bike lock

Mountainbike rental

For those guests who do not bring their bikes, Hagan Lodge offers a wide range of mountain bikes, trekking bikes, e-bikes, helmets and some bikes for smaller children. If you need more professional bikes for children, it is advisable to let us know in advance so we can organize everything. You are also welcome to choose and pre-order your desired bike from our partner at or just let us know and we will do the rest.

Rental fees per day vary between 21-40 Euros, depending on the model.