Großer Raum mit Spiegel in Osttirol für Yoga und Fitnesskurse

Großer Raum in Osttirol für Yoga, Dance-Yoga, Qi Gong und vieles mehr.

Yoga & fitness on holiday
in East Tyrol

Find & celebrate your inner centre in the life balance room

Recharge at the hotel in Tyrol with yoga, qi gong,
tai chi, Pilates & dance yoga

With its spectacular alpine nature, rippling rivers and fragrant forests, Matrei in East Tyrol is the perfect place to find rest and leave your hectic everyday life behind.

The charming holiday destination in the south of Austria is also ideal to build up physical and mental strength.

What’s needed is a pleasant place equally inviting for pausing for a moment and for gathering strength. The life balance room at AlpenParks Montana Matrei does exactly that. Calming earthy tones and comfortable wood set the tone here. Immerse yourself in this pleasant atmosphere and blossom anew.

Our certified trainers know what to do

A perfect holiday in Tyrol doesn’t just neat cordial hosts and a comfortable room, but also activities to increase your well-being. That’s why special courses and events all about the fitness options and practices of yoga, qi gong, tai chi, Pilates and dance yoga were developed at AlpenParks Montana Matrei. Certified trainers offer courses and mental training on request. They will help you balance your body and mind during your holiday in East Tyrol.

Yoga in Tyrol: strengthening timeout in the mountains

The best-known physical and mental teaching is yoga. This holistic training from India has many advantages. Yoga not only strengthens the body, but it also prevents injuries. Additionally, the exercises have a detoxifying and neutralising effect, bolster breathing and reduce stress. Yoga can do even more. It creates a good mood and makes us more attentive. Those who practise it regularly automatically deal with themselves more intensely – both in terms of body and psyche. Above all, yoga is one thing: versatile and thus suited for almost everyone. The wide range of exercises allows perfect adaptation to individual needs. When it comes to this, our trainers will gladly support you. Beginner or pro – our certified experts individually respond to your situation and pick you up exactly where you are at the moment. Together you embark on a journey towards greater well-being.

Yoga courses at Hotel Montana Matrei in East Tyrol

Focusing on the essentials and throwing off the excess – that’s exactly what the life balance room was established for. The motto “less is more” also relates to the number of participants. A maximum of ten persons are planned per sessions to both generate as intense an effect from the training as possible and to fully savour the force of quiet and concentration. You are welcome to learn more about the programme in advance and sign up at reception. Exclusive sessions for hotel guests of AlpenParks Montana Matrei are also possible on request. A minimum number of six persons is required – ideal for a small circle of friends or colleagues.

Send us an email to the following address to get more information about our yoga, qi gong, tai chi, Pilates & dance yoga courses:

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