Arlberg ski touring in Warth and in Schröcken

Arlberg: Where the mountains call and the tours begin

Touring for all levels

The diverse ski region right outside the door of your apartment isn’t just highly popular with skiers and snowboarders. Many other great kinds of winter sports find their home here. How about going ski touring on the Arlberg? You’ll find a great selection of tours for all levels in and around Warth-Schröcken, accompanied by experienced guides if you want. Time to hit the next ascent!

ski touring paradise

Important when going touring

Great caution is required in natural snow on partially untouched hillsides. There are greater risks when traversing through deep snow, especially beyond marked and prepared hills and slopes. Check the latest avalanche report before going ski touring on the Arlberg. Additionally, also bring the necessary avalanche safety equipment and check its functionality before starting your tour. Only embark on tours that correspond to your experience and skill level. Depending on the tour, certain technical requirements are necessary to actually get from A to B.

Tip: Many local ski and winter sport schools offer ski tour training, demonstrate how to use avalanche safety equipment and offer guided tours – in groups or privately. Less experienced and non-local ski mountaineers particularly benefit from this support.

Touring suggestions around the resort

As well as guided tours from the alpine sport schools in Warth and Schröcken, there are several routes in the nearby surroundings that should be part of every ski touring itinerary:

  • Pfarrer Müller Freeride Tour: This tour – predominantly for free-riders – also has space for ski mountaineers. The route is dedicated to likely the first skier in the entire Bregenzerwald region, who traversed the alpine terrain between Lech-Zürs and Warth-Schröcken on skis as early as the 1890s. Good deep-snow experience is mandatory.
  • Braunarlspitze: The highest elevation in the Lechquellengebirge mountains is the destination of this approximately 13-km ski tour. Around 1,400 m of ascent and descent around Schröcken require quite a bit of experience and promise gorgeous views.
  • Grünhorn: The Arlberg’s nature can be consciously experienced above Baad. The summit, at an altitude of 2,039 metres, is already sun-dappled in the early morning and offers magnificent downhill slopes to the east and the south.
  • Güntlespitze: Baad also serves as the starting point for another ski tour on the Arlberg. This leads through the heart of the snow-covered nature towards the Mittlere Spitalalpe and the Güntlespitze across nine kilometres. The various ascents and descents are certainly the highlight.
  • Karlstor: Genuine touring pros tackle this notch between the Kleiner and the Grosser Widderstein. These 900 metres of ascent require good fitness and surefootedness, although the conditions on these quite steep hills are usually safe. At the top, you get a view of the Elferkopf and the Zwölferkopf, among other magnificent mountains.

A diverse region for ski mountaineers awaits around AlpenParks Hotel & Apartment Arlberg. With alpine sport schools and ski rentals nearby, and short routes to fascinating ascents, the resort is the perfect temporary home for an active winter. The only thing missing is your apartment of choice!

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