Events and things to do on the Arlberg

The region offers an entertaining cultural program

Adventures around the AlpenParks resort

Warth-Schröcken is among the most beautiful active regions on the Arlberg. Excursion destinations and plenty of activities bring natural beauty and athletic activity together, combining tradition and old customs with refreshing relaxation. Several different highlights for every taste – for families with children , for couples, for friends, for athletes, and for those looking for relaxation – await around AlpenParks Hotel & Apartment Arlberg, with many things to do and experience. And your AlpenParks apartment is always at the centre of it all.

Destinations throughout the region

The culture of the Walser people left its mark on Warth and Schröcken. You can look forward to old customs and traditions, carefully maintained buildings, and natural beauty. These sightseeing destinations on the Arlberg will certainly inspire you:

  • Körbersee: One of Austria’s most beautiful places is located right in Schröcken. This powerful place with its idyllic lake, surrounded by imposing mountain giants, inspires you to stay just that little bit longer.
  • Glacier mill: The entire Warth-Schröcken area was once glaciated. The glacier mill evokes the memory of this period while demonstrating the force the water used to cleave through rock and stone.
  • Simmel: One of Europe’s very few world peace memorial crosses can be found directly on the Simmel. Below it is the ‘St. Jakobus’ Simmel chapel, a popular hiking and pilgrimage destination dating back to 1550.
  • Walserhus: Several buildings in Warth make the culture of the Walser people tangible. Though the Walserhus (‘Walser house’) from the 15th century can only be viewed from the outside, the carpentry is very impressive.
  • Alpmuseum uf'm Tannberg: A brief family hike  leads to this magnificent old building entirely dedicated to the farming life in the region from way back when.
  • Bürstegg: Another old Walser settlement people, abandoned in the early 20th century and now a popular hiking destination, seems wonderfully timeless. The small chapel evokes the spirit of days long gone.
  • Skyspace Lech: A brief trip to Lech am Arlberg reveals many additional beauties, including the Skyspace; this place almost blends heaven and earth together during sunset and sunrise thanks to the clever interaction of light and shadow.
  • Kästle Mountain Museum: This museum in Lech shows how the alpine skiing sport came to the Arlberg and made history, flanked by the many triumphs of the legendary ski manufacturer, Kästle.

Top events on the Arlberg

Tradition and customs play a key role on the Arlberg, yet the diverse events also take a plunge into the modern age. Culture, sport and nature come together around AlpenParks Hotel & Apartment Arlberg:


  • Seven Summits Tour: The annual ultimate running challenge for a good cause attracts mountain runners to Schröcken.
  • Arlberg Classic Car Rally: The mountain roads between Lech and Warth serve as the stage for awe-inspiring classic cars to conquer Vorarlberg’s magical backdrop. The ‘rolling car museum’ in Lech is worth a visit.
  • Philosophicum: Another event in Lech turns the late summer into a meet-up for philosophers and authors. Invigorating discussions, talks and conversations are dedicated to the key issues of today and tomorrow.
  • Der Weisse Ring: As a skiing or trail running  event, this legendary alpine tour is among the prime Arlberg highlights and has long since become a fixture of the event calendar in every season.
  • Advent season: The region around AlpenParks Hotel & Apartment Arlberg turns into a winter wonderland around Advent and Christmas. Christmas markets, torchlit hikes and festivities full of atmosphere combine contemplation with solemnity.
  • Tanzcafé Arlberg: The popular dancing festival promises high spirits on sun terraces, in huts and hotels. Classic and modern sounds come together.


Top events and exciting things to do on the Arlberg accompany your stay at AlpenParks Hotel & Apartment Arlberg, lending every holiday that certain something. We look forward to welcoming you!


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