Ausblick vom Loser oben auf die umliegende Landschaft

Blick vom Loser im Winter - Leader | TV Ausseerland-Salzkammergut

Sporty or romantic ice-skating
in Altaussee

Ice skating at the frozen lakes in Salzkammergut

In the area around your holiday accommodation, the lodges in AlpenParks Hagan Lodge Altaussee, you can unpack your skates in a superb atmosphere – practice your pirouette turns on the natural ice of the Lake Altaussee or Lake Grundlsee.

hether it’s with your children, or together with a group of friends – ice skating is always a special kind of fun.

If you are staying in the AlpenParks Hagan Lodge Altaussee during your winter holiday, two picturesque natural ice rinks will attract you:  Lake Altaussee and Lake Grundlsee. Barely is the layer of ice on the lakes in Salzkammergut thick enough, than young and old alike have fun and frolics on this natural ice surface. By January and February at the latest it’s time - the skating season on both lakes starts up. Mingle with the locals who are in search of exercise and fun here, just as you are.

Sport and entertainment on the ice
Curling is also fun on the ice. If you don’t know anything about this sport yet, you should definitely take the opportunity to be introduced to it by of the local champions. Curling is a social sport – ideal as part of a programme of supporting events for an Incentive for instance, or if you have come to the AlpenParks Hagan Lodge Altaussee with a group of friends.

A winter holiday which offers a different challenge everyday. Book your individual lodge in AlpenParks Hagan Lodge Altaussee and enjoy winter holidays which offer lots of variety, not just skiing.