We offer professionally guided mountain bike tours in association with the mountain bike centre Salzkammergut.

...are offered at least four times a week and cost € 28 per person.
We guarantee that at least two tours will start directly at the lodge and at least two different performance groups will be offered on the same day.

Another tour starts in central Bad Aussee.
Groups are divided into two to three performance levels: 200-500 altitude metres, 600-900 altitude metres, 1,000-1,300 altitude metres.

Division into performance groups takes place on site in agreement with Helmut Simonlehner, head of the mountainbike centre Salzkammergut.

Other tour fixtures are offered with starting points in neighbouring villages. These tours can be booked with or without bike shuttle service. The cost of the shuttle depends on the distance – more information on site. These tours are THE ideal alternative to get to know the lakes and mountains in the Salzkammergut.

An overview of the tour fixtures for the following weeks is provided in the hotel and will be presented in greater detail by Helmut.

As all mountain bike guides come from the region, they naturally not only know a lot about the mountain bike offerings, but also a lot about the Salzkammergut. The trained mountain bike instructors combine every tour with a brief driving technique training.