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Not to forget, the ladies on bike, who continue to grow in numbers and rightfully expect their wishes not to be overlooked.

 NEW: electronic bicycles & electronic mountain bikes

Don’t bike, fly! Enjoy electric support with an e-bike. The motor gives you additional drive while you pedal. Electric pedalling support allows you to effortlessly reach summits, Alps, locations and sights in the surrounding area. Even going up-hill becomes easy! The Pedelec’s electric motor grants additional support and power, yet you still need your own strength to pedal on. This way, you stay active and do something for your health. The electric motor can also be switched off allowing the battery to recharge in part during extended downhill rides.

During your hut holiday in the Ausseerland, you can enter the extensive network of routes, such as the “Dachsteinrunde” or numerous other well-signposted mountain bike tours in the Salzkammergut fulfilling every wish from snug to challenging, directly from the AlpenParks Hagan Lodge.