Mountain tour to the Loser, Hochanger and Bräuningzinken


From the AlpenParks Hagan Lodge, take the Loser Panoramastraße toll road to the Loseralm parking lot. From here, you first hike down to the left across the slopes until you reach a lift station. From here, the path becomes steeper and you hike up towards the Loser summit cross. The path gradually becomes more gravelly and rocky. There are some nice wooden benches at the summit where you can take a short breather. Breathtaking views over Altaussee included.

The trail then leads back to the turn-off towards Hochanger 1,838m. Here it goes through mountain pines and meadows up to the summit on a plateau. Here, too, there is a bench where you can take a break.

The next stage destination is the "Loserfenster". The several-meter-high rock gate is one of the most famous landmarks in the region and offers a fantastic panoramic view of the western Tote Gebirge mountains, especially the large Schönberg.

The path now continues on rocky terrain. The path is partly equipped with handrails and footholds to make the short descent easier. After a few minutes, the path branches off again towards the Greimuth summit. The ascent is short but very steep and rocky. At the top of the summit, the ridge is also very exposed - surefootedness and a head for heights are required! Otherwise you can skip this summit and continue straight on towards Bräuningzinken.

Then continue in the direction of Bräuningzinken. The path itself is easy to walk on, but you should be particularly careful here, as the rock faces below the path (not visible from above) drop away vertically. From the Gschwandtsattel saddle, the hiking trail leads up to the Bräuningzinken (1899m) via partly steep mountain pine paths, past a rock window. You should definitely be sure-footed and have a head for heights on the ascent. Shortly before the summit, the path is exposed on one side and here too there are many meters of vertical descent.

You can return to the Augstsee and the Loseralm via the circular route.

Walking time for the entire loop 5-6 hours
Altitude difference: approx. 800m
Some passages are exposed and a head for heights and surefootedness are essential here!

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