Thermal Springs & Spa

Thermal Springs & Spa

Regain your strength in the spa and thermal springs

Wellness offers in the heart of the Austrian Alps

A holiday in the Alps is a holiday par excellence.

The Alps invented wellness. Hiking in clear, aromatic mountain air, in the coolness of the dense forests, over herb meadows and at a health promoting height above sea level, up at over 2000 metres. There: a clear stream. The water: drinking water quality. Scoop it up with your hand and enjoy. In the rhythm of your own steps you make your way up to the Alpine hut, where you will never before have tasted such delicious home-made cheese, bread, washed down with a hearty slug of freshly milked milk.

  • Relaxing in the swimming pool
  • Sauna

Spa: an abbreviation, which incorporates a wise saying from ancient times, one from which we still benefit today. ‘Sanus per aquam’ – health through water. The impressive ruins of the ancient Roman thermal springs are admired throughout Europe. Today the healing power of water is enjoyed in modern thermal springs. During your holiday in Bad Hofgastein you can bathe in these thermal springs which were famed for their healing powers 2000 years ago, and still are today.

Run bare foot over Alpine meadow covered in dew, feel the round pebbles under the soles of your feet and the cold, clear mountain water on the nape of your neck. Tranquillity all around, broken only by the buzzing of a bumble bee. In winter, trudge on snow-shoes through a magical landscape and enjoy hearing the sound of you own heartbeat.

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Erholung, Entspannung, Entschleunigung oder einfach nur dem Alltag entkommen – die  Yogatage in Gastein...

A holiday in the Alps is a holiday par excellence. The Alps invented wellness.

Our spacious and comfortable apartments in Bad Hofgastein have room for the whole kit and caboodle.