Nature pur

Nature pur

The mountainscape in the Alps: Beauty, charm and passion

The natural surroundings of the Austrian Alps

There are probably very few areas in the world, in which the connection of mankind with nature is so very visible than in the mountain regions of the Alps.

Beautiful flowers

Since time immemorial people here have been living in the rhythm of the seasons, hand in hand with nature, which is the foundation of life for the population who live here. Care and attention is lavished upon Alpine meadows and the Alps, meaning that holiday-makers get to experience well-kept and therefore pristine landscapes.

The variety of the landscape means that an unbelievable variety of plants and animals are able to live here. Aside from the cattle and the horses, sheep and goats on the Alpine meadows and in the high valleys, in the mountain regions there are lots of Alpine animals, among them those which have been successfully resettled, such as the ibex and the bearded vulture. Insects, reptiles, birds and mammals can be observed here right up to the glacial areas. There is even life in the eternal ice; maybe you’ll find it during your holiday – the glacier flea!

  • Enjoying the sun
  • Spend time in the nature

Take a deep breath and get going again

AlpenParks Hotels & Residences are located in the most beautiful areas in the Austrian Alps. Enjoy perfect service, a cosy place to stay during your holiday and uncover your excitement for a natural landscape which is beyond compare: the Alps.

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