Family holiday in the alps

Family holiday in the alps

Family holiday in the heart of the Austrian Alps

Family holiday in the heart of the Austrian Alps

The Alps, in their variety, are the perfect holiday area for families.

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Hike over lush green Alpine meadows and herb meadows, the fresh aroma of meadow mint in your nose and the bright colours of coltsfoot on the wayside before your eyes. Build a dam in the crystal clear mountain lake, and play and charge around.

The numerous walking and hiking paths always have a worthwhile destination – playgrounds on the Alpine meadows, or legendary places in the middle of the forest. Climbing on trees and building little dwarf houses between the roots of the silent giants. Watching squirrels, as they hop from branch to branch. There: Quiet! There’s a deer in the shadows at the edge of the glade!

A picnic while looking at the unsurpassed panorama of the Austrian Alpine summit. High up there on the mountain meadow the bread, Alpine butter and Alpine cheese tastes twice as nice on the mountain meadows. Hopping, jumping, climbing on rocks and laughing at the top of your voice – this makes a holiday fun for children and their parents. And while the adults enjoy a few hours of sun on the terrace and have a lazy doze on the sun-loungers, the children are on the go in the playground, making new friends.

  • Children playing in the green meadow
  • Familie having a good time in the snow

Healthy and diverse!

Safe, natural, healthy and varied – that is a family holiday in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Fun and games for the little ones - action and fantastic cool sports for the teenagers. Biking and hiking for parents, who at last find some time for one another. Carefree, easy and happy – that’s what a holiday in the Austrian mountains feels like.

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